Covid-19 Update

After careful consideration of the various healthcare warnings issued by national, state and local authorities regarding Covid–19 (the “coronavirus”), effective March 18, 2020, Leiden and Leiden, P.C. will temporarily suspend in-person office appointments for prospective clients, and will discourage present clients from coming to the office without prior clearance. While recognizing that it is in imperfect alternative, our office will provide telephonic conferences for prospective clients, subject to the opportunity to review necessary financial records. Please contact our office if you desire a bankruptcy consultation, and one of our staff will provide you with the information that we will need in order to thoroughly review your financial situation and conduct a fruitful telephonic conference. Likewise, our office will always respond to phone and email inquiries from current and/or former clients within a reasonable time.

Fortunately, none of our staff at Leiden & Leiden has tested positive as of the date of this announcement, for which we are grateful. However, we understand that a greater good will be served by the decision of our firm, and other local businesses, to temporarily alter the way that we normally conduct our business. We look forward to returning to our normal operations once the public health risks from the coronavirus have been diminished or eliminated entirely. We will continue to monitor information regarding this pandemic as it becomes available and will update our voicemail announcement, website and Facebook page as necessary. Your patience and understanding during this time for our firm, and other similarly-situated businesses, is most appreciated.

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