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Minimizing or Eliminating “Collateral Damage” From a Bankruptcy Filing

While your financial circumstances may make a bankruptcy filing inevitable, there are still issues to consider beyond the relief that the bankruptcy court can provide. While the main focus of a bankruptcy consultation with Leiden and Leiden is to assess your financial problems and discuss the available bankruptcy options, another goal is to address any […]

Unlike free college, discharging student loans in bankruptcy is a great idea



As mortgage moratoriums begin to expire, many homeowners find themselves with a sudden and unexpected crisis. Once the loan moratorium ends, all the payments that were suspended during the moratorium are now due and payable. Some homeowners may have already taken steps to address the missed payments, either through a loan modification with the lender, […]

Five Easy Ways to Weather Financial Pitfalls

The most common misconception of an individual who files for bankruptcy is that they were reckless or irresponsible in the management of their credit. While there are many debtors who visit bankruptcy court because of overextension and mismanagement, they do not represent the majority of bankruptcy filers. No matter how well somebody plans for their […]