The Bankruptcy Code requires that a consumer debtor must fulfill two separate credit counseling requirements in order to first be eligible to file a bankruptcy case under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, and then secondly to receive a discharge.  Based on our experience with the providers that our clients have used in the past, Leiden & Leiden, P.C. has assembled this list of recommended counseling agencies.  All of these agencies are certified to provide bankruptcy credit counseling services in the Augusta Division of the Bankruptcy Court (Richmond, Burke, Columbia, McDuffie, Lincoln, Jefferson, Glascock, Wilkes, Warren and Taliafierro counties).  Leiden & Leiden, P.C. has no ownership interest in any of these businesses and they operate independently of our firm.  Prices listed are based on information from the providers and are subject to change by the providers.

  1. 001 Debtorcc Inc. –
    1. Internet courses only. No phone option available.
    2. Prices: Pre-Filing: $19.95, Pre-Discharge: $14.95
    3. Leiden & Leiden comments: Certificates are available immediately. 001 Debtorcc, Inc. allows free retakes and will file the Pre-Discharge (second) course for free upon request. Offers our staff the ability to track client progress on both courses via their Attorney Portal and can also track 2nd course certificate filing and register to have it filed through this portal.
  1. Cricket Debt Counseling –
    1. Offers Internet and Phone Option. Call (866)719-0400 for phone counseling.
    2. Prices: Pre-Filing: $24 for single or joint, Pre-Discharge (taken with partner provider Solid Start Financial): $20 for single or joint. *No price difference between online and phone options*
    3. Leiden & Leiden comments: If a certificate issued by this provider expires, they offer a free counseling session for up to one year from the expiration date of the certificate.
  1. Dollar Learning Foundation, Inc. –
    1. Offers Internet and Phone Option.
    2. Prices: Online Pre-Filing: $25, Online Pre-Discharge: $20; Telephonic Pre-Filing: $20.00 (plus additional $10 for a joint bankruptcy case),Telephonic Pre-Discharge: $20.00
    3. Leiden & Leiden comments: Provider will file the certificate free of charge upon request. In order to take the Pre-Filing Telephonic course, debtor(s) would first need to register online here:
  1. Access Counseling –
    1. Offers Internet and Phone Option. Call (888) 234-7209 for phone counseling.
    2. Prices: Online (Pre-Filing: 12.95; Pre-Discharge: $12.95); Telephonic (Pre-Filing: $24.95, Pre-Discharge: $14.95)
    3. Leiden & Leiden comments: Access offers the cheapest telephonic option of the recommended providers but without the other services available with the other providers.

DISCLAIMER – All rates subject to change by counseling providers.  None of the agencies on this list are affiliated or associated with Leiden & Leiden, P.C.