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Leiden & Leiden Celebrates its 45th Anniversary!

Leiden & Leiden Celebrates its 45th Anniversary!

On March 19, 2018, the law firm of Leiden and Leiden will celebrate its 45th anniversary. Terry Leiden opened the law firm at its present location at 330 Telfair St. in Augusta on March 19, 1973. It was an ambitious endeavor by Terry Leiden, as he was a transplant from Cleveland, Ohio, and did not have many of the local connections available to his colleagues and competitors. In addition, he had two young sons with a third on the way. The firm did not have any specific specialties at that time, so Terry practiced in multiple areas, including real estate, criminal defense, family law, personal injury, and contracts.

During the 80s, Terry Leiden recognized the need among his clients for bankruptcy assistance in the Augusta area and began to actively research that area of law. Terry quickly discovered that the protection of bankruptcy laws were largely unknown by a majority of the populace. Terry became one of the first attorneys in the Augusta area to advertise his bankruptcy services, and his bankruptcy practice soared. Additionally, the bankruptcy practice generated the highest amount of client relief and satisfaction, making this area of the law even more rewarding. It also helped finance the higher education of his three sons, two of which graduated from Furman University, and one which graduated from the University of Wyoming.

After attending law school at Wake Forest University, Zane Leiden joined his father’s practice in 1993, shortly after the firm’s 20th anniversary. In addition to bankruptcy, the firm also practiced in the areas of personal injury, workers compensation, and Social Security. However, bankruptcy remained the main stay of the firm’s practice, and the Leiden firm enjoyed considerable respect and admiration for the representation of their clients in bankruptcy court. Both Terry and Zane Leiden concentrated their continuing legal education in the areas of bankruptcy and consumer law to stay informed and better assist their clients.

As the firm celebrates its 45th anniversary, Terry and Zane are frequently greeted by former clients who are now bringing their children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren to the office to seek bankruptcy assistance from the Leidens. We are grateful that multiple generations of our clients have entrusted their legal matters to multiple generations of the Leiden family, and will continue to offer the same caliber of experience and compassion as the firm moves forward.